Usage (Old Screen Shots)

(OAuth 2.0)

We use AWS Cognito service (OAuth 2.0) for teacher sign-up / sign-in. Our system does not store any teachers' sensitive data except their names and e-mail addresses. We recommend you to use Googls accont for OAuth 2.0.

Teaching Assistants

To reduce management burden, teachers can add teaching assistants for their courses. However, only users who have ended off user registration for our system can be teaching assistants. Every teaching assistants can see basic information about students, schedules, and attendance status, but for adding, deleting, and modifying information the proper permissions are required. Course owners can freely add or delete their teaching assistants and modify their permissions.

Mobile Page

You can access via smart devices such as smartphone or tablet. In the mobile page, teachers can easily manage their students' attendance in manual manner. Sooner or later, we will provide Android (and iOS) apps named SmartClassroom for teacher for teachers.

SmartClassroom for students

We provide Android (and iOS) app named SmartClassroom for students for students. Using this app, students can check-in attedance by themselves.

User Guides

Download user guides for teacher and student(Android) student(iOS) .

Help desk

If you have any problem and question about our system, contact our help desk